Re-Launch Great Success

re-launch-feedback-tableSt Briavels and Brockweir Zero Waste Village Initiative is well and truly re-launched. It was a joy to see all the creative and hard-hitting ‘Waste Diary’ homework of the pupils of St.Briavels Primary School at our re-launch on Saturday. In addition we showcased our progress on projects, had our yogurt pot crate in situ in the school hall, which did a fantastic job of provoking lots of useful discussion and collected the first of our ‘Community People Power Pledges’.

We had a steady flow of visitors all day and lots of really interesting conversations. Thank you for your support!!

Here you can see our crate for the collection of the 500ml yogurt pots, as soon as the story-board for this is ready the crate with its growing cargo of yogurt pots, will be housed on the playing field in Brockweir and will act as the notice board for the Zero Waste Village initiative. We will arrange yyogurt-pot-crateogurt pot collection methods and will be back in touch soon to let you know how to drop your pots off. In the mean time please keep them, washed and stacked. Thank you.

Thank you to all the volunteers both adults and children who helped to set up and set down, served tea/coffee and cake and chatted to people throughout the day. Thank you to Mr Gazzard, year 5 teacher at the primary school, who helped organise the waste diary homework for the pupils and helped us set it all out to its best effect on the day.

So whats next?.. well lets get going on some ‘people power pledges’, I will start sending out the letters to all stake holders in yogurt pot plastic (will publish my letters and repliers on the web site)  and the core team will get organising for our next evening meeting FRIDAY 13th of JANUARY.  In the mean time I will keep you posted on any news as it emerges.

Next up for the web site is developing the questions and research page, so please send in your questions and let us know any useful links or research that you have read about waste and we will chew through it and publish it with analysis.

Please be in touch if you want to suggest a speaker or a focus for any of our published meeting dates we are open to all waste reduction idea’s as long as they are based on encouragement and empowerment of us as a community.


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