Questions and Research

Welcome to the Questions and Research Page.

As soon as we start to think about our waste and start to explore item by item how to reduce our waste, a whole heap of questions start to bubble to the surface.  In my experience the same sort of question comes around again and again as our understanding of the issues begins to deepen; the questions just becomes more informed. The difficulty in answering the questions can sometimes put a stop to or slow down our action. We thought it would be helpful to capture your questions as they arise and keep them here on the web site in a safe place, where they wont get lost.

We have a research team, you are very welcome to join the research team as well if you like. The research team will take the questions one by one and attempt to find the answers. It may well be that we have layers of answers that raise more questions, but that’s fine, we will add the new questions to the old and link the relevant research to each question.

The great thing is that we can do this together and witness our collective way forward to gaining more understanding of the issues and complexities of waste. There is no doubt that as we do this the actions we choose to take and the campaigns we begin will be informed by our greater understanding.

As has already been identified each of our small actions as householders to reduce our waste gives us an ever better informed voice with which to ask questions of the various stakeholders of the creation and management of waste in our communities.

What we ask and what we do will empower us to create change not only in our own actions as householders but also what we ask of the shops we shop in, the food producers whose food we buy, the packaging factories and on up the chain of our wasteful society.

So please add your questions to our questions log and also let us know any information you gather that answers your any your or other questions logged here.

Each question is linked to the current relevant research undertaken by this initiative so far, no doubt there will be cross over between questions and relevant research, so how we organise this page will develop as we go along.

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