What we’ve done

St. Briavels primary school

We made sculptures of things that would normally go in the bin. All the items cannot currently be recycled by Forest of Dean District Council.

What we are doing

Food composting Rocket Digester


The Rocket Digester has been purchased from Humble by Nature through a grant from the St. Briavels turbine fund. It will be sited at St. Briavels primary school once planning issues have been addressed.

The purchase of the Rocket Digester was made possible by a grant from The Resilience Centre

Making sure we do what is easy to do

In the midst of the big picture stuff, the obvious wins can get overlooked. At the community event we emptied a bag of rubbish collected from the Eco Village shop. Currently rubbish is not separated so all of this would have been destined for landfill.  We sorted this bag of waste and made sure everything that could be recycled was.  The new bin stores have been built and the bins are on order, generously funded by 2 local residents.

If you come across any ‘easy wins’ like this, get in touch and we can tackle them together

What we want to do

We are inspired by some of the Zero Waste initiatives that we have found across the world. Here are some of them that give a bit of background.

Zero Waste Inspiration – International and UK Web Sites

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