Happy New Year to you and yours, we are kicking off the year as we mean to go on with a totally inspiring, hard hitting but brilliantly upbeat film ‘Tomorrow’, to show at our next meeting on the 13th of Jan. It’s a ‘don’t miss event’ for sure!!

We are so very pleased to have secured permission from the Transition Network to show the film ‘Tomorrow’.  It has already been a box office hit in France and has only just been released in the UK.   It is nearly 2 hours long, so do bring a cushion and a picnic to keep you going, we will provide tea/coffee/wine/juice/ water and crisps.  We aim to kick off the meeting at 7pm, starting the film by 7.15 pm.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested to come along, it will be a free community event, and in what is being dubbed as our ‘post truth era’ a chance to be inspired by what amazing change a  grass root community led movement can achieve. 

So what is the film about?

A feel-good movie about the ecological crisis and the state of the world in 2017? – surely not!

‘Tomorrow’ is a celebration of the practical action that people all over the world are taking in response to the lack of leadership and vision from our politicians. Originally made in French, St Briavels has one of the first screenings of the English version thanks to the Transition Network.

The film sets the scene with a series of shocking facts about the predicament of humanity, but quickly moves onto a quest by co directors, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent to find examples of ordinary people who have had the gumption to just get on with finding solutions, sometimes on a large scale (and even enjoying themselves – imagine!) These range from Agriculture to Education, Finance and also . . .Recycling and Waste.

The roadmap for the film is laid down by Rob Hopkins from the Transition movement and his message is simple. The solutions that are required, that are largely unrepresented by mainstream media, are not a pipe dream – they have arrived and are taking root across the planet. He simply smiles and invites us to go and find out.

The challenge is taken up by Dion and Laurent with a refreshingly light touch – it is not about shaming the audience or hitting us all over the head with an eco sledgehammer. Professionally produced it took France by storm last year with over a million people seeing the film that was initially crowd funded, pushing its way past Hollywood blockbusters and placing it in the mainstream media. There are plans now for it to be screened in 30 countries.

As we grapple with the seismic change happening around us, with the attendant sense of powerlessness, Tomorrow is an uplifting film to watch and a great way to start 2017.

Running time 118 mins

For a nice in depth interview with Cyril Dion

The face book event link is https://www.facebook.com/events/1830426243907069/

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