We are local St. Briavels and Brockweir residents who wanted to find a way to work together to reduce our waste and become better informed and get into action where the issues are beyond our householder control. We are doing this by organising community campaigns to give the householder a voice.

People in your community:

Sarah Mclellan – St. Briavels & Brockweir Zero Waste Village communication hub.

Cristina Solana and Rebecca Van Marle – local parents and will be a points of contact for food composting projects including the Rocket Digester.

Jenny Gow – member of the research team and is passionate about wider reaching campaigns around plastic.

Ursula Williams – core team member excited to see a local initiative working to reduce waste and see the local community working together to achieve common aims.

Jane Harvey – Communications and publicity.

Phil Hall and Julie Breeze – interested in engaging the children in projects.



Andy Moore – long career in waste and recycling and is excited to support a grass roots initiative by sharing his expertise and advice.