Deposit for Return of Plastic Bottles

Despite plastic bottles being easily recyclable and collected nationally by local authorities still a staggering number wash up on our beaches and beaches around the world on a daily basis.   Surfers Against Sewage have launched a really positive campaign to encourage the government to introduce a plastic bottle deposit scheme.  They are making good progress with this and they need all the support they can get, especially from people like us who care so much about the issue of plastic waste.

Their web site is  this is the donate page, which you may feel you would like to support.  Financial support or not being engaged with what this group are doing is important and can help them make a difference.  The 38% campaign is at

If they have success in getting a deposit scheme introduced by the government in the UK it will open the door to a conversation about plastic waste in the UK that will mark a step change in leadership around this issue.

Thanks for reading and if you of you want to share anything in a blog for this web site please get in touch with me via my email  I may have gone a bit quiet but this work is still core and will continue to unfold however slowly.


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