Film Night: 7th of July; Showing ‘We The Uncivlised’ A Life Story.


We the Uncivilised Pic for Web site

My lovely grown up daughter kept going on and on to me about a film I should watch, yes yes I said I will.  In the end she brought me the DVD, she said ‘Mum, I’ve brought you that film’,’ great’, I said whilst looking in the other direction at the washing up pile, or the washing pile or some such thing.  Then I wandered into the living room to tidy up, found a strange looking pamphlet, I called out to Matt to ask if the he knew anything about it?  ‘Nope’! Says he ‘Have the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ called I asked, ‘Maybe?’  Says he, oh well says I and put in the fire to burn later with the logs.

My daughter then said, ‘Mum have you looked at the DVD I brought you of  ‘We the Uncivilised’ that film I said you HAD TO WATCH’… ‘no’ I said – ‘unless…. does it look like a Jehovah Witness Leaflet?  ‘No!’ she said quite offended.. I sheepishly sloped over to the fire and retrieved the ‘Pamphlet’. Is this it I say?  Yes she says did you throw it away!!!!!


Oh dear, anyway she has promised to write me a blog about it to send out to you before next Friday.. but here is the poster, the reviews look good.  Clearly they just needed a better designer for the DVD cover!  Also I just want you to know that I would never burn a DVD.

Be great to see you there.  Next Saturday meet up is in Sept – much afoot and I will send you news of it all very soon.


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