Active Pledges

Name: Sarah Mclellan


Telephone number:

In as few simple sentences as possible your pledge (no need to justify your choice!): I pledge to collect, wash, stack and store my large yogurt pots (plastic 5) for a period of 1 year. I will build a pallet of yogurt pots in order to create a focal point for a campaign, to stop them going into landfill, to give me an excuse recruit others to my cause, to write to supermarkets, yogurt manufacturers, packaging factories, waste factories, my MP, the Minister concerned, the press, 100 other villages. In the end if nothing else once collected, washed and stacked they are a resource which I may be able to sell for processing, deliver to parliament as a talking point, or bury in the ground with a clear and public sign where they will be stable and secure and not cause pollution to air or sea to wait for a more enlightened time.

What is your initial target time period for your pledge: One year to start

How many other people do you need to join you for you to start your pledge action: I want at least 100 families to join me, then I would like at least one hundred other villages to do the same. But I will do it alone if needs be.

What is your preferred way of communicating with the people who join you: Facebook

Do you need us to create a Facebook events page?: Yes

Will you organise physical meetups?: Yes

Do you want us to email the group?: Yes