Hannah’s Review of ‘We the Uncivilised’

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors we borrow it from our Children

Indigenous proverb

A Life Story – Join Lily and Pete on an amazing and life changing journey, as they pack up there successful city lives and get on the road.  Escaping a world fuelled by capitalist consumption they stare reality in the face as they seek to find home.

Along the way they are gifted in meeting and documenting conversations with grass routes activists as well as leading figures of the UK ecological movement.  Like gold dust these conversations weave hope and harmony into this tale.  These meetings of minds explode current concepts and draw you in as you quickly become fully immersed in the emotional narrative and you begin to navigate through the turmoil that we, human beings have created. How do we share, exist and find our sense of belonging on this earth? Together, if we turn to nature there is so much hope..

This film is refreshing in its approach, as it does not set out to have all the answers. Beginning with an ending and ending with a beginning, it will leave you wanting more. More conversation, more pearls of wisdom, more empowerment, more beating of the drum.

I hope it will set a fire burning in your heart as it did mine..

By: Hannah Barrett

Featured conversations:

Satish Kumar (editor The Ecologist), Polly Higgins (ecocide lawyer), Bruce Parry (explorer and filmmaker), Martin Shaw (School of Myth), Jewels Wingfield (ecofeminist), Mac Macartney (Embercombe), Simon Fairlie (editor The Land), Peter Owen Jones (clergyman and presenter), Glennie Kindred (author and artist), and the late Patrick Whitefield (permaculturist).



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