Mend it Cafe 4th of March 17. Are you a mender? Fixer? Craftsperson? Electrician? Carptenter?


Our next Saturday meeting is now on the 4th of March rather than as previously listed as on the 18th of Feb.  As  you might have guessed from the title of this blog it is going to be a ‘Mend it Cafe’.  At this moment in time we are trying to put together our team of voluntary menders for the day and so this blog is in the business of drumming up people who have the skills to mend stuff ; to volunteer for half a day on the 4th of March.  The event will be at The Assembly Rooms in St.Briavels, 11am – 2.30 in the afternoon.  Tea, coffee and cake, gratitude, awe and wonder not to mention a load of stuff not in land fill to be your wages for the day!

Before we advertise the event itself we want to know what support and advice we have available for the day so that the ‘stuff ‘that people bring is stuff that our team on the day can help with.

It may be that you are good at advice and support, good at coaching people to mend their own stuff, you might be brilliant at finding and following the right UTUBE clip to mend things, or you might be the kind of person who roles up your sleeves and gets the thing fixed right there and then.  Whatever your approach and your ‘mend it’ energy we would love to have it on board for the day.

Please get in touch via our email address zer, or ring Sarah on 07783943298 or via our Facebook page

Thank you very much.



1 thought on “Mend it Cafe 4th of March 17. Are you a mender? Fixer? Craftsperson? Electrician? Carptenter?”

  1. Hi Sarah, count me in as an enthusiastic amateur fixer and handyman, diy-er. Thanks for your energy in this – it’s great. kind regards, chris



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